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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm OK, Really....

I used to think I was pretty "all-together" when it came to homemaking and child-raising skills. Until I had kids. I feel so incredibly stretched thin right now and my house is always a mess and sometimes I don't get a shower or real clothes on until the girls go down for a nap at 2 pm. I'm trying not to get frustrated but not always succeeding. I've really got the whole frustrated-but-amused-and-insane laugh down.

Take today: I wanted to run to the grocery store so when Joel fell asleep I set the girls down in front of the TV and jumped in the shower. I was only in there for 5 minutes, I swear, but when I got out, Kailey had dumped an entire cup of juice over Faith's head (so much for "no-spill cups" ). I then had to clean the floor and stick Faith in the bath tub. Then Joel woke up and wanted to nurse. I started breakfast only to turn around and find Kailey standing on a chair and spitting on the floor. I almost burnt the french toast while disciplining and cleaning up after her. (I can't for the life of me figure out what possessed her to do that.) By the time we ate breakfast, it was after 10. I ate while nursing (again!). Then I laid Joel down, and started to get dressed (yes, everything previously written happened in the buff). I got my jeans on, only to stick my head out the door (the girls were waaaaaay too quiet) to find Kailey on the counter helping herself to the sugar bowl and sharing with Faith who was standing on the floor. After breaking up a few more fights ("it's MY toy!!") and nursing a fussy baby a few more times, I still was wearing only jeans and had half of my make-up on when my husband called me to say he was coming home and would go to the store with me. I about cried in relief. How in the world am I ever supposed to take 3 kids shopping when I can't even get out the door with them?!?!?!?

Well, just goes to show ya that 3 kids 3 and under can throw quite the clinker in one's Perfect Homemaker image. But that's OK. They're worth it. At least, that's what "they" tell me. Now excuse me while I go extract Mr. Potato Head from the VCR...


  1. LOL!

    I've had days like that. And I only have 2! :D

    (And I am SOOOO grateful they are 2 1/2 years apart.)

  2. I laughed reading that post.
    Life with three little ones is challenging, and it doesn't get much easier for a few years (mine are 6,4 and 2, still not easy!), they say. But it's rewarding.
    My boys go to preschool, which means we have to get them out of the house in the morning. I got into the habit of getting up early to exercise and have a shower before the boys wake up, so at least I feel like I've done something for myself and I'm clean before the morning hectic postpones my shower till after lunch, and I'm grumpy because I've been running around doing everything for everyone.

    Oh. And my 4 year old cut a pigtail off my 2 year-old daughter. He climbed to the top of a bookcase to get the scissors. The little monkey.