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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bid Me To Come...

Father, always near, I wait for You here,
Resting in the Love that vanquishes fear...

The love that vanquishes fear. That's where I want to abide, to live, to wait. In that Perfect Love, fear cannot abide. This is where I am waiting...waiting for God...waiting for Him to speak, to act, to reveal His heart to me. Are You always near, even when I feel You far away? Abba, Father...I long for peace.

Waiting, not a care, silence everywhere,
Yet here, in my heart, a still, small voice...

I must calm the storms in my life, the storms in my heart, to hear the silence of God. Be still and know. Resting, waiting, in Perfect Love and communion with my Savior. Sometimes I wish He'd call me from the thunder for I am afraid of the still, small voice. It is so easily missed.

...bids me to come, and I will follow.

Suffer me to come, risen, wounded One;
I've found shelter in Your Fathering arms...

There is no shelter anywhere else. I am the little child whom the Savior beckons to Himself. Father, call me to Yourself. I feel so battered and torn; my heart a battlefield! I need You, need Your healing shelter.

Suffer me to hear Your voice in my ear,
Beckon me with words that draw me near...

I am desparate to hear Your voice, to draw close. But my doubts drown out the voice of Love. Oh, that I could rest, without a care, in Your arms! Speak to me, Abba...I long to hear Your voice!

...bid me to come and I will follow.

I will follow You....

Even though I'm afraid. Even though I can't see through the darkness. Even though I wonder if You care enough to speak to me, to hold me.

...where You want me to...

Even if You go where I don't want to follow. Through the wounds of my deepest heart. Through the ugliness of my pain and sin. Through the darkness of my fears, doubts, anger, to the Light. Even there, yes, Lord, I will follow You.

Bid me to come, and I will follow.

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