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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friday Link Love

I've been reading some great stuff this week and wanted to share. Maybe I'll do this every Friday, maybe not. I'm non-committal. ;) So here ya go, folks. A little bit of this, that, and something else. These links are speaking to me where I'm at right now.

~*~ Blogger Incongruous Circumspection writes a great commentary on an article by Ladies Against Feminism on women in the workforce.

~*~ Here's a good, thought-provoking article by iMonk, entitled "Why I'm Not a Young Earth Creationist".

~*~ Blogger Jeromy Johnson writes about Christianity and Patriotism, in "Jesus Wore Red, White, and Blue".

~*~ A blog on Grace-Based Parenting was shared with me this week, called "Dare to Disciple". Especially encouraging to me was this article on What Do Other's Think?

~*~ A really good perspective on the decline of "American Christianity", by one of my favorite authors, Gregory Boyd. Here's another great one on The Heresy Of Failing To Love.

~*~ This article, What Is A Cult?, has been going around and is certainly worth considering.

~*~ And Brenda King offers a really good review of the Pearls book, To Train Up A Child.

Enjoy your weekend, folks! I think we're going to head out into the gorgeous Montana wilderness and go camping. I sure love where we live. :)


  1. Thanks for the shout out. I'm jealous! We'll be heading through Montana in August. Any good places to stop?

  2. Yeah, my house. ;) Actually, I know tons of amazing places right out my back door, but since I don't want the entire internet knowing the location of said back door, you can e-mail me if you'd like some ideas: thedarcin8or@yahoo.com

  3. So I'm not sure what's worse: the fact that I thought it was Friday when, in fact, it's Thursday, or the fact that no one commented and corrected me. I wonder how many people I have thinking it'f Friday. :P

  4. haha! I would not have noticed... had me fooled! =)