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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Announcing "Recovering Grace"

There's a new website on the block, folks. Launched by adult graduates of ATI, and people who were followers of Bill Gothard and his teachings, I am so happy to introduce Recovering Grace ~ A Gothard Generation Shines Light On The Teachings of IBLP and ATI.

If you've been hurt, angered, or confused by the teachings of Gothard, please give this site a look. Even if you love Gothard and don't know what the hullaballoo is all about, come give us try. It's written by former Gothard students, to anyone in or out of ATI/IBLP. There will be new articles often, so bookmark this site.


  1. This site looks great! I was never in ATI, but the more knowledgeable voices speaking out against it and what it represents the better!

  2. I'm not familiar with BG and ATI. Will need to check out this link.