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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Love Story, Part 10

It was the worst month of my life. I missed my best friend. I missed sharing my life with him, missed calling him at the end of the day just to chat. My grades suffered and I all but abandonded my social life. My heart was hurting so badly. I was disappointed in God. While my belief that God had been the creator of our love never faltered, I couldn't get over the distinct feeling that something had gone very wrong.

One day, in mid-October, Sky showed up at my house in town. I sent the kids off to play and we sat down.

Taking my hands in his, he started, "Before you say anything, I have an apology to make. I haven't told you I loved you in a long time, too long, and I'm so, so sorry. I love you, from the depths of my heart, I love you."

I started crying, but he wasn't done.

"I hurt you, I know, but I felt like I had to do it. I had to know that our relationship was what God wanted for you, for me. There were so many other voices telling me I was wrong that I couldn't hear God's. I let them tear us apart, and I'm sorry. Will you forgive me, my love?"

I couldn't speak, couldn't breathe...all I could do was throw my arms around him and weep.

That was the turning point in our relationship. We recommitted our lives to each other and never looked back. We decided that we needed to get married and couldn't wait for my parents any longer. It's very difficult to be passionately in love for so long without threatening purity. It was time, and we knew it. I didn't know how my parents would react but by that point I just didn't care any more. We had God's blessing and that had to be enough.

The first night of our church Christmas play, Sky said he was coming over because my dad asked him to. We wracked our brains to figure out what we might've done to prompt another "talk".

Settling down in my parent's room, we all looked at each other...me, defensive and worried, Sky, composed, my parents, unsure. My dad cleared his throat and started, "We were informed by someone tonight that you two were seen holding hands at the church skating night last week."

I looked at Sky in disbelief. That's it?? We were "seen holding hands"? This was getting ridiculous.

Dad went on, "Do you really think that's OK? I mean, obviously you do, but I want to hear it from you guys. You know we wouldn't approve. What do you think is OK physical contact? "

Sky cleared his throat, "Sir, we're planning on getting married, you know that, though you've been ignoring it. We love each other, are committed to each other, and I don't see anything wrong with holding hands and I really don't care who sees us."

My dad nodded, distant, thinking. Suddenly, he and Mom stood up and said "We'll be right back."

They fled the room and we were left, confused. What in the world?

They came back in and we braced ourselves for more critisism.

"We've decided that you have our permission to marry. Obviously you aren't going to change your minds, so you have our blessing."

We sat there, stunned, silent. Dad cleared his throat, "Well...aren't you going to say to anything?"

We couldn't...we were too shocked at the turn of events. Sky kept opening his mouth but nothing came out. I started laughing and crying at the same time. Dad smiled at us and I looked at my mom who was smiling through her tears. I don't remember what else was said or done after that. It's all a blur to me. I know we settled on a July wedding, outdoor, and in my parent's large back yard.

When Sky went to leave, I wasn't sure what to do, what was now acceptable. My mom prompted me, "Go see him out." Gladly! We stood on the porch, alone for the first time that crazy night. I threw my head back and laughed, joyously, the weight of the last three years rolling off my sholders. Sky laughed too and we stood there in each other's arms for a long time, in wonder of life and happenings.

"Can it be that this whole thing is over? That we're finally getting married and our dreams are about to come true?" I wondered aloud.

"I keep pinching myself to see if I wake up," Sky laughed.

"I love you, Sky" I looked up into his blue, blue eyes.

"I've always loved you, Darcy," he replied as he gazed into the depths of my soul.

At least two people didn't get a wink of sleep that starry night.

Conclusion: The Wedding


  1. Awesome. :)

    And I love that pic of you two - it just says it all.

  2. I've been loving reading your story! Thanks for taking the time to write it and please finish it out through the wedding!! :)

  3. i agree...at least one more post would be great!! :D