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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sometimes the bathwater is so toxic that it kills the baby.

Sometimes what little meat is even on the bones is so tough that it isn't worth trying to eat.

Sometimes what small amount of good there is is so clouded and hidden in the bad that you can't even find it to hang onto. And the bad is too big to just throw out.

A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

A spoonful of dog crap in a batch of brownies infects the entire batch.

But if you feel like trying to eat the good parts of the brownies and spitting out the dog crap, be my guest. But don't get mad at me for not joining you.

I'm going to find a new recipe for my brownies.


  1. I am in the process of looking for a new recipe myself, *wink* as I am done with the dog crap!

  2. MMmmmm. Brownies.

  3. Would you dog crap with those? It's only a spoonful, I'm sure you wouldn't notice. :P

  4. Girl you are hilarious. It ain't worth it to me, either.

  5. Ah, Darcy... you put a song in my heart. Remember back when the story of the poop-laden brownies was going around? Short version - son/daughter wants to see a movie that doesn't have "too much" swearing/sex/whatever in it. Dad bakes a batch of brownies with a little dog poop in them and asks if kid wants to eat them - just to make the point. Anyway, it inspired me to pen a little parody with a little Fiddler On The Roof action in it. So here ya go... from the archives...

    Cakemaker Cakemaker bake me a cake!
    Brown me some browns, make no mistake
    I feel so hungry I could eat a beast
    so cut me a larger piece!

    Oh Pa--paaa, what's in the bag there?
    Oh Mamaa, oh this looks rather strange..
    just tell me why in the world
    is Rover's new scooper on top of the range?

    (la---da-da-da, la---da-da-da, la---da-da-da-daaaaaa)

    I can't believe you've so little respect
    you tried to feed us a pan full of drek.
    We can't eat dog poop 'cuz we'll get too full,
    besides it smells more like bull.

    Oh Paaapaa your cooking is awful, you meant well,
    so please don't take offense,
    but Mama never made brownies
    from anything she found beside the fence!!

    Cakemaker, Cakemake I'll take a pass,
    I won't eat nothing that came from the grass
    Up to this minute I've misunderstood
    that these things were s'posed to be good.

    Oh Pa-paaa I want no trouble, remember, you were also a kid
    It's not that I'm such a rebel,
    I just wish you'd close that lid!!!

    Cakemaker Cakemaker thanks for the thought
    but I'd rather not.. don't think me rude
    I know it happens but not in my fooooooood.....
    So make me no cake, frost me no frost,
    scoop me no scoop, brown me no browns....
    I now know why broooowwwwnies are broooowwwwnnnn!!!

    Hey, who's up for dessert?

    Jim K.

  6. Hahahaha!!! Jim that's hilarious.
    And, yes, my post was in reference to that very story. I just turned it around and used it back at 'em. ;)